About NACC:  

The National Alzheimer's Coordinating Center (NACC) was established in 1999 by the National Institute on Aging to facilitate collaborative research among the now 37 Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers (ADRCs) across the United States. NACC has developed and maintains one of the largest relational databases of standardized clinical and neuropathological research data.

About the New Investigator Awards:

The New Investigator Awards were developed to support early-career investigators as they further their career development by engaging in research related to Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Successful New Investigator Projects will be hypothesis-driven and will address a scientific question outright. Investigations of reliability or validity or diagnostic/data standardization are also acceptable.

Award Funding Amount: The maximum total funding for each project will be $135,000, which is inclusive of any indirect costs. 

Funding Distribution and Spending:

  • Award announcements will be made in May, 2022. 

  • Funding timeline: The funding must be spent within two years of the grant being received.

    • Funding will be awarded on June 1, 2022 

    • End Date: Sometime between Jun 1, 2023 and June 1, 2024

  • If the project is awarded funding by the Steering Committee, NACC will distribute the award to the Center Director as part of the Center’s annual NACC sub-award. The Director will be responsible for redistributing the funds internally (via an appropriate internal accounting mechanism) to the New Investigator and for tracking these project costs independently of expenditures associated with other NACC projects in the same funding cycle.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be a new investigator. New investigators are defined as post-doctoral fellows, residents, or junior faculty that have not yet been promoted to associate professor rank (MD or PhD), and not already having had an R01 grant. 

  • New investigators must be affiliated with an ADRC. ADRC Directors must provide a letter on behalf of each new investigator award applicant confirming this affiliation. ADRC Directors please see this link for a template letter.  (Letter of Acknowledgement Example)
  • Eligibility FAQ - We've compiled a list of eligibility questions and you can review them here. If your question is not addressed in the FAQ, please contact us at


Submission Deadlines: 

  • December 17, 2021 - Optional Letter of Intent Deadline 

  • January 21, 2022 - Full Application Packet Deadline 


Submit a Letter of Intent:  Optional, but should include: (~1 page)

  • Name of investigator, current position/ADRC name and contact information
  • Potential project title
  • Overall research question (roughly) and why its important
  • Probable data source  (and/or participant source)
  • Any other information that the investigator thinks are important or relevant

The Letter of Intent must be submitted online. Please email the Letters of Intent to or complete and attach you Letter of Intent using the form below.

Submit a Research Proposal 

Full Application Format: All proposals must be prepared and submitted as a single PDF file via online submission. 

  • Cover page (1 page max)

    • Project title

    • New investor name and title 

    • ADRC Center Director name

    • List the ADRC that the new investigator is affiliated with 

    • List key personnel and collaborators/mentors - include which ADRCs they are associated with if applicable

    • List performance sites for study 

  • Signed letter from the ADRC Director (including all of the following): 

    • This letter should verify that the new investigator is eligible for the award and has received appropriate training in the responsible conduct of research, as mandated by DHHS. (Letter of Acknowledgement Example)

    • Confirmation that the Director accepts responsibility for disbursing awarded funds to the New Investigator and tracking project costs

  • Detailed Budget - PHS Template- Initial Period

  • Biographical Sketches (NIH style formatFor the New Investigator and Mentor only

  • Abstract (0.5 page max)

  • Specific Aims (1 page max)

  • Research Strategy

    • Significance (1.5 page max)

      • Rationale: Why is this an important research question?

      • Impact: What impact will this work have on the field

    • Innovation (0.5 page max)

      • What is novel about this work (e.g. methods, population studied, study design, etc..)

    • Approach (3 pages max)
      • Preliminary data if any

      • Study design and target population

      • Describe the analysis plan in detail for each specific aim that will be used to produce the results.

      • Describe the analysis plan and/or laboratory methods and Indicate the sample size and power for each specific aim. 

      • Describe consideration of sex and other biological variables - as outlined here

    • Timeline (0.5 page max)

      • Please provide a gantt chart outlining when during the funding period key milestones from each aim will be completed.

    • Environment (0.5 page max)

      • How will you leverage the resources of the participating ADRC(s) to complete this project successfully? What are the specific advantages of the performance site(s)?

  • Personal Impact (0.5 page max)

    • How would successful completion of this project support your career development goals and set you up for success in pursuing follow on funding? 

  • Mentor Plan (0.5 page max)

    • If applicable, please describe your mentoring plan. Who will be serving as mentors for the new investigator and how often they will provide guidance?  

  • References Cited (no page limit)

Submit Your Research Proposal Using the Form Below: Application packets must be submitted online. Please submit your Letter of Intent by December 17, 2021 and your Research Proposal by January 21, 2021 using the form provided below. 

  • If you have questions or need additional information, please contact NACC at

Submit Your Letter of Intent and Research Proposal Here

  • A note on NACC Data: You are not required or expected to use NACC Data for your proposed new investigator project. 

  • New investigators that are awarded funding must: 1) abide by the NIH Public Access Policy and 2) include the NACC grant number (U24 AG072122) on all publications and presentations resulting from the work.

  • New investigators must provide a report and presentation on their project annually and/or at the end of the funding cycle. Details will be provided at a later date.

  • The NACC Scientific Review Committee will meet in late February or early March to provide an initial review of each application’s scientific merit based on the overall scientific impact of the study, and specifically on each study’s significance, investigator, innovation, approach, and environment.
  • The NACC Steering Committee will meet (date to be determined) and will make final funding decisions based on scientific merit scores and reviews from the Scientific Review Committee. (NACC faculty and staff do not score applications nor choose applications to be funded.)

For more information or assistance with your New Investigator Award application, please contact NACC at

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